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The hit series DOC

The hit television series "Doc"captures the life of big city medicine as seen through the eyes of newcomer Clint Cassidy (Billy Ray Cyrus), a country doctor from Montana. Doc is a heart warming, family oriented show that depicts drama and comedy and sometimes a little action.

RICHARD LEACOCK enjoys portraying the police officer "Nate Jackson" who is a man of great integrity, a loving husband and father, and a loyal friend. He's the kind of man that you would want on your side in any situation.

Officer Jackson and Clint encounter one another in New York when Clint first arrives and is pulled over for having a rifle in the window of his truck. Who knew a fast friendship would form and that they would become neighbours in the same building. In the early episodes, Nate serves as a guide to Clint while he applies his country style in the big city.

Nate can also be hard headed at times because he has his own views on everything. He normally sticks to his guns -- unless his wife Beverly (Tracy Shreve) tells him he's wrong.

Richard's character is also the super of the apartment building that Clint, nurse Nancy (Andrea Robinson) and his family live in. He's pretty handy with the tools (most of the time), although in real life Richard confesses that he doesn't have any skills in the handy-man area.

As the story develops, the doctor never loses his values, common sense and "fish out of water" demeanor, and adjusts to an urban lifestyle with the help of his friends, forming new relationships and stumbling upon new adventures along the way.

—Created by Dave and Gary Johnson ("Against the Grain", "Second Noah", "High Incident" and PAX's "Hope Island").